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Advertising, Promotion, and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications
Name: Advertising, Promotion, and other aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications
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Advertising, Promotion, & Other Aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications, 8e Terence A. Shimp Vice President of Editorial, Business: Jack W. Calhoun Vice President/Editor in Chief: Melissa S. Acuna Acquisitions Editor: Mike Roche Sr. Developmental Editor: Susanna C. Smart Marketing Manager: Mike Aliscad Content Project Manager: Corey Geissler Media Editor: John Rich Production Technology Analyst: Emily Gross Frontlist Buyer, Manufacturing: Diane Gibbons Production Service: PrePressPMG Sr. Art Director: Stacy Shirley Internal Designer: Chris Miller/cmiller design Cover Designer: Chris Miller/cmiller design Cover Image: Getty Images/The Image Bank Permission Aquistion Manager/Photo: Deanna Ettinger Permission Aquistion Manager/Text: Mardell Glinski Schultz 2010, 2007 South Western, Cengage Learning ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this work covered by the copyright hereon may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, Web distribution, information storage and retrieval systems, or in any other manner except as may be permitted by the license terms herein. For product information and technology assistance, contact us at Cengage Learning Customer & Sales Support, 1 800 354 9706 For permission to use material from this text or product, submit all requests online Further permissions questions can be emailed to [email protected] Library of Congress Control Number: 2008939395 ISBN 13: 978 0 324 59360 0 ISBN 10: 0 324 59360 0 South Western Cengage Learning 5191 Natorp Boulevard Mason, OH 45040 USA Cengage Learning products are represented in Canada by Nelson Education, Ltd. For your course and learning solutions, Purchase any of our products at your local college store or at our preferred online Printed in Canada 12345671211100908

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briefcontents Preface xv About the Author 1 Part 1Integrated Marketing Communications: Processes, Brand Equity, and Marcom"s Role in Introducing New Brands 2 1 Overview of Integrated Marketing Communications 4 2 Marketing Communications Challenges: Enhancing Brand Equity, Influencing Behavior, and Being Accountable 32 3 Facilitating the Success of New Brands 60 Part 2The Fundamental Marcom Decisions: Targeting, Positioning, Objective Setting, and Budgeting 94 4 Targeting96 5 Positioning126 6 Objective Setting and Budgeting 154 Part 3Advertising Management 178 7 Overview of Advertising Management 180 8 Effective and Creative Advertising Messages 206 9 Message Appeals and Endorsers 240 10 Measuring Advertising Message Effectiveness 280 11 Advertising Media: Planning and Analysis 316 12 Traditional Advertising Media 358 13 Internet Advertising 392 14 Other Advertising Media 420 Part 4Sales Promotion Management 442 15 Sales Promotion and the Role of Trade Promotions 444 16 Sampling and Couponing 480 17 Premiums and Other Promotions 508 Part 5Other Marcom Tools 532 18 Marketing Oriented Public Relations and Word of Mouth Management 534 19 Event and Cause Sponsorships 560 20 Signage and Point of Purchase Communications 574 Part 6Marcom Constraints 602 21 Ethical, Regulatory, and Environmental Issues 604 Glossary639 Name Index645 Subject Index650 iv

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contents Preface xv About the Author 1 Part 1 Integrated Marketing Communications: Processes, Brand Equity, and Marcom"s Role in Introducing New Brands 2 Chapter 1 Overview of Integrated Marketing Communications 4 Marcom Insight: Appealing to Youth and Reinvigorating a Brand Image: State Farm"s Campaign 5 Introduction 6 The Tools of Marketing Communications 7 The Integration of Marketing Communications 8 Why Integrate? 8 IMC Skeptics 9 IMC and Synergy 9 And Now a Definition of IMC 10 Key IMC Features 10 Key Feature #1: The Consumer or Business Customer Must Represent the Starting Point for All Marketing Communications Activities 10 Global Focus:Creating a Pepsi Commercial in China 12 Key Feature #2: Use Any and All Marcom Tools That Are Up to the Task 13 IMC Focus:The Laundry Hanger as an Advertising Touch Point 15 Key Feature #3: Multiple Messages Must Speak with a Single Voice 16 Key Feature #4: Build Relationships Rather Than Engage in Flings 17 Key Element #5: Don"t Lose Focus of the Ultimate Objective: Affect Behavior 18 Obstacles to Implementing the Key IMC Features 20 The Marketing Communications Decision Making Process 20 Fundamental Marcom Decisions 21 Marcom Implementation Decisions 23 Marcom Outcomes 26 Program Evaluation 27 Summary 27 Appendix 28 Discussion Questions 29 End Notes 30 Chapter 2 Marketing Communications Challenges: Enhancing Brand Equity, Influencing Behavior, and Being Accountable 32 Marcom Insight: When Polls Fail to Reveal the Complete Picture 33 Introduction 34 Brand Equity 34 A Firm Based Perspective on Brand Equity 35 A Customer Based Perspective on Brand Equity 36 Enhancing Brand Equity 41 IMC Focus:Neuromarketing and the Case of Why Coca Cola Outsells Pepsi 43 What Benefits Result from Enhancing Brand Equity? 46 Global Focus:The World"s Perception of America 47 Characteristics of World Class Brands 48 Affecting Behavior and Achieving Marcom Accountability 50 Difficulty of Measuring Marcom Effectiveness 51 Assessing Effects with Marketing Mix Modeling 53 IMC Focus:Harley Davidson An Iron Horse for Rugged Individualists, Including Females! 54 Summary 55 v

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Discussion Questions 55 End Notes 56 Chapter 3 Facilitating the Success of New Brands 60 Marcom Insight: First the Taurus, Next the Five Hundred, and then Taurus"s Return 61 Introduction 62 Marcom and Brand Adoption 62 Brand Characteristics That Facilitate Adoption 64 Global Focus:Washing Machines for the Masses in Brazil, China, and India 65Quantifying the Adoption Influencing Characteristics 69 Brand Naming 71 What Constitutes a Good Brand Name? 71 IMC Focus:A Musical Toothbrush That Encourages Children to Brush Longer 74 The Brand Naming Process 77 The Role of Logos 79 Pacakaging 81 Packaging Structure 81 Evaluating the Package: The VIEW Model 84 Quantifying the VIEW Components 87 Designing a Package 88 Summary 89 Discussion Questions 90 End Notes 91 Part 2 The Fundamental Marcom Decisions: Targeting, Positioning, Objective Setting, and Budgeting 94 Chapter 4 Targeting 96 Marcom Insight: Reaching Teens by Appealing to Cheerleaders 97 Introduction 98 Behaviorgraphic Targeting 98 Online Behavioral Targeting 100 Privacy Concerns 101 Psychographic Targeting 101 Customized Psychographic Profiles 102 General Purpose Psychographic Profiles 102 Geodemographic Targeting 106 Demographic Targeting 107 Global Focus:General Electric"s Targeting Indians with Ultrasound Machines 108 The Changing Age Structure 109 IMC Focus:College Students: An Inviting Target for Odor Fighting Products 114 The Ever Changing American Household 117 Ethnic Population Developments 118 IMC Focus:A Special Beverage for Latino Consumers, Clamato 121 Summary 122Discussion Questions 123 End Notes 124 Chapter 5 Positioning 126 Marcom Insight:"McBucks":It"s Not the McDonald"s You"ve Always Known 127 Introduction 128 Positioning in Theory: A Matter of Creating Meaning 128 The Meaning of Meaning 129 Meaning Transfer: From Culture to Object to Consumer 129 Positioning in Practice: The Nuts and Bolts 131 Benefit Positioning 134 IMC Focus:Not Lovely, but Successful 135 Global Focus:The Symbolism of Certifying Products as Fair Traded 136 Attribute Positioning 137 Repositioning a Brand 137 Implementing Positioning: Know Thy Consumer 140 The Consumer Processing Model (CPM) 141 The Hedonic, Experiential Model (HEM) 147 viContents

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Summary 149 Discussion Questions 150 End Notes 151 Chapter 6 Objective Setting and Budgeting 154 Marcom Insight: Impressive Results Produced by Spending Big on Cavemen Characters and a Talking Gecko 155 Introduction 156 Setting Marcom Objectives 156The Hierarchy of Marcom Effects 157 IMC Focus:This Cat(fight) Is a Dog 160 Requirements for Setting Suitable Marcom Objectives 162 Should Marcom Objectives Be Stated in Terms of Sales? 164 Marcom Budgeting 166 Budgeting in Theory 166 Global Focus:The Top 25 Global Marketers" Advertising Spending 167 Budgeting in Practice 169 Summary 175 Discussion Questions 176 End Notes 176 Part 3 Advertising Management 178 Chapter 7 Overview of Advertising Management 180 Marcom Insight: Is Advertising Rocket Science? 181 Introduction 182 The Magnitude of Advertising 183 Global Focus:Which Source of Product Information Do Consumers Most Trust? 184 Advertising to Sales Ratios 185 Advertising Effects Are Uncertain 185 Advertising Functions 188 Informing 188 Influencing 188 IMC Focus:A National Advertising Effort for Starbucks 189 Reminding and Increasing Salience 189 Adding Value 190 Assisting Other Company Efforts 190 The Advertising Management Process 190 Managing the Advertising Process: The Client Perspective 191 The Role of Advertising Agencies 192 Agency Compensation 194 Ad Investment Considerations 195 The Case for Investing in Advertising 196 The Case for Disinvesting 196 Which Position Is More Acceptable? 197 Summary 202 Discussion Questions 202 End Notes 203 Chapter 8 Effective and Creative Advertising Messages 206 Marcom Insight: Perhaps the Greatest TV Commercial of All Time 207 Introduction 208 Creating Effective Advertising 208 Creativity: The CAN Elements 209 Getting Messages to"Stick"210 Illustrations of Creative and Sticky Advertising Executions 213 Global Focus:Why Dump an Extraordinarily Successful Ad Compaign? 215 Advertising Successes and Mistakes 217 Constructing a Creative Brief 219 IMC Focus:How Well Do You Know Advertising Slogans? 222 Alternative Styles of Creative Advertising 223 Unique Selling Proposition Creative Style 223 Brand Image Creative Style 224 Resonance Creative Style 225 Emotional Creative Style 225 Generic Creative Style 225 Preemptive Creative Style 226 Section Summary 227 Means End Chaining and the Method of Laddering as Guides to Creative Advertising Formulation 228 The Nature of Values 228 Which Values Are Most Relevant to Advertising? 229 Contentsvii

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Advertising Applications of Means End Chains: The MECCAS Model 230 Identifying Means End Chains: The Method of Laddering 233 Practical Issues in Identifying Means End Chains 234 Corporate Image and Issue Advertising 234 Corporate Image Advertising 235 Corporate Issue (Advocacy) Advertising 235 Summary 236 Discussion Questions 236 End Notes 237 Chapter 9 Message Appeals and Endorsers 240 Marcom Insight: The Use of Humor and Comparisons in Advertising 241 Introduction 242 Enhancing Consumers"Motivation, Opportunity, and Ability to Process Advertisements 242 Motivation to Attend to Messages 244 Motivation to Process Messages 246 Opportunity to Encode Information 246 Opportunity to Reduce Processing Time 247 Ability to Access Knowledge Structures 247 Ability to Create Knowledge Structures 247 Section Summary 250 The Role of Celebrity Endorsers in Advertising 250 Endorser Attributes: The TEARS Model 251 Endorser Selection Considerations: The"No Tears" Approach 254 Global Focus:Two Unknowns (to Americans) Connect in China 255 The Role of Q Scores 257 The Role of Humor in Advertising 258 Appeals to Consumer Fears 260 Fear Appeal Logic 260 Appropriate Intensity 260 The Related Case of Appeals to Scarcity 261 Appeals to Consumer Guilt 262 The Use of Sex in Advertising 262 What Role Does Sex Play in Advertising? 263 The Potential Downside of Sex Appeals in Advertising 263 Subliminal Messages and Symbolic Embeds 264 Why It Is Unlikely That Subliminal Advertising Works 265 The Functions of Music in Advertising 267 IMC Focus:Subliminal Priming and Brand Choice 268The Role of Comparative Advertising 269 Is Comparative Advertising More Effective? 270 Considerations Dictating the Use of Comparative Advertising 271 Summary 272 Discussion Questions 272 End Notes 273 Chapter 10 Measuring Advertising Message Effectiveness 280 Marcom Insight: What Makes a Commercial Watchable? 281 Introduction to Advertising Research 282 It"s Not Easy or Inexpensive 282 What Does Advertising Research Involve? 282 IMC Focus:Testing TV Commercials in Prefinished Form 283 Industry Standards for Message Research 284 What Do Brand Managers and Ad Agencies Want to Learn from Message Research? 286 Two General Forms of Message Research 286 Qualitative Message Research 287 Quantitative Message Research 287 Measures of Recognition and Recall 289 Starch Readership Service 289 Global Focus:Is What"s Good for Vodka Good for Tequila? 292 Bruzzone Tests 293 Day After Recall Testing 295 Measurement of Emotional Reactions 297 Neuroscience and Brain Imaging 298 Self Report Measurement 298 Physiological Testing 298 Measures of Persuasion 299 The Ipsos ASI Next*TV method 300 The ARS Persuasion Method 300 Measures of Sales Response (Single Source Systems) 302 ACNielsen"s ScanTrack 302 IRI"s BehaviorScan 303 Some Major Conclusions about Television Advertising 304 Conclusion 1 All Commercials Are Not Created Equal: Ad Copy Must Be Distinctive 305 Conclusion 2 More Is Not Necessarily Better: Weight Is Not Enough 306 Conclusion 3 All Good Things Must End: Advertising Eventually Wears Out 310 Conclusion 4 Do Not Be viiiContents

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Stubborn: Advertising Works Quickly or Not at All 311 Summary 311 Discussion Questions 312 End Notes 313 Chapter 11 Advertising Media: Planning and Analysis 316 Marcom Insight: Is Super Bowl Advertising Worth the Expense? 317 Introduction 318 Some Useful Terminology: Media versus Vehicles 318 Messages and Media: A Hand in Glove Relation 318 Global Focus:Searching for Media Options around the Globe 318 Selecting and Buying Media and Vehicles 319 The Media Planning Process 320 Selecting the Target Audience 321 Specifying Media Objectives 322 Reach 322 IMC Focus:Do Mac Owners"Personalities Match the Mac Character"s Personality? 323 Frequency 324 Weight 326 Continuity 333 Recency Planning (a.k.a. The Shelf Space Model) 335 Cost Considerations 339 The Necessity of Making Tradeoffs 340 Media Scheduling Software 341 Hypothetical Illustration: A One Month Magazine Schedule for the Esuvee H 343 Review of Media Plans 346 The Diet Dr Pepper Plan 346 Saab 9 5"s Media Plan 348 Olympus Camera Media Plan 350 Summary 354 Discussion Questions 355 End Notes 356 Chapter 12 Traditional Advertising Media 358 Marcom Insight: Is TV Advertising Declining in Effectiveness? 359 Introduction 360 Some Preliminary Comments 360 Newspapers 360Buying Newspaper Space 361 Newspaper Advertising"s Strengths and Limitations 362 Magazines 363 Buying Magazine Space 363 Magazine Advertising"s Strengths and Limitations 366 Magazine Audience Measurement 367 Using Simmons and MRI Reports 368 Customized Magazines 371 Radio 371 Buying Radio Time 372 Radio Advertising"s Strengths and Limitations 372 Radio Audience Measurement 374 Television 375 Television Programming Dayparts 375 Network, Spot, Syndicated, Cable, and Local Advertising 376 Television Advertising"s Strengths and Limitations 379 IMC Focus:The Rising Cost of Super Bowl Advertising 381 Global Focus:Place Shifting TV Viewing 383 Infomercials 383 Brand Placements in Television Programs 384 Television Audience Measurement 385 Summary 388 Discussion Questions 388 End Notes 389 Chapter 13 Internet Advertising 392 Marcom Insight: Gains for Online Advertising Are Losses for Traditional Media 393 Introduction 394 The Two i"s of the Internet: Individualization and Interactivity 394 The Internet Compared with Other Ad Media 395 Internet Advertising Formats 396 Web Sites 397 Display or Banner Ads 398 Click through Rates 398 Standardization of Banner Ad Sizes 399 Rich Media: Pop Ups, Interstitials, Superstitials, and Video Ads 399 Video Ads and Webisodes 400 Blogs, Podcasts, and Social Networks 400 IMC Focus:Web Videos for Johnson"s Baby Lotion 401 Blogs 401 Podcasts 402 Social Networks 403 E mail Advertising 403 Contentsix

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