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United States Department of Agriculture Final Report Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Arbuckle, J.G. and G. Roesch McNally. 2015. Cover crop adoption in Iowa: The role of perceived practice characteristics. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Special Cover Crops Issue. 70(6): 418 429. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2016 Basche, A. T.C. Kaspar, S.V. Archontoulis, D.B. Jaynes, T.J. Sauer, T.B. Parkin and F.E. Miguez. 2016. Soil water improvements with the long term use of a winter rye cover crop. Agricultural Water Management. 172: 40 50. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2016 Basche, A.D., S.A. Archontoulis, T.K. Kaspar, D.B. Jaynes, T.B. Parkin and F.E. Miguez. 2016. Simulating long term impacts of cover crops and climate change on crop production and environmental outcomes in the Midwestern United States. Agriculture, Ecosystems and the Environment. 218: 95 106. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Castellano, M.J., K.M. Mueller, D.C. Olk, J. Sawyer and J. Six. 2015. Integrating plant litter quality, soil organic matter stabilization and the carbon saturation concept. Global Change Biology. 21(9): 3200 3209. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Cerezo Mota, R., T. Cavazos, R. Arritt, A. Torres Alavez, K. Sieck, G. Nikulin, W. Moufouma Okia and J. A. Salinas Prieto. 2015. CORDEX NA: Factors inducing dry/wet years on the North American Monsoon region. International Journal of Climatology. 36(2): 824 836. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2016 Dunbar, M., A. Gassmann and M. O'Neal. 2016. Effects of field history on corn root injury and adult abundance of northern and western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Journal of Economic Entomology. 163: 2096 2104. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2016 Dunbar, M., A. Gassmann and M. O'Neal. 2016. Increased risk of insect injury to corn following rye cover crop. Journal of Economic Entomology. 109: 1691 1697. YES

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United States Department of Agriculture Final Report Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Frescoln, L. and J. Arbuckle. 2015. Changes in perceptions of transdisciplinary science over time. Futures. 73: 136 150. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Goeken, R., X. Zhou and M. Helmers. 2015. Comparison of timing and volume of subsurface drainage under perennial forage and row crops in a tile drained field in Iowa. Transaction of American Society of Agriculture and Biological Engineering. 58(5): 1193 1200. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Haigh, T., L.W. Morton, L. Prokopy, C. Knutson, M. Lemos, Y. Lo and J. Angel. 2015. Agricultural advisors as climate information intermediaries: Exploring differences in capacity to communicate. Weather, Climate, and Society. 7(1): 83 93. D 12 00036.1 YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Iqbal, J., D. Mitchell, F. Miguez, J. Sawyer, J. Pantoja, D. Barker and M.J. Castellano. 2015. Does nitrogen fertilizer rate to corn affect N2O emissions from the rotated soybean crop?. Journal of Environmental Quality. 44: 711 719. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Morton, L.W., J. Hobbs, J. Arbuckle and A. Loy. 2015. Upper midwest climate variations: Farmer responses to excess water risks. Journal of Environmental Quality. 44(3): 810 822. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Morton, L.W., S. Eigenbrode and T. Martin. 2015. The architecture of adaptive integration: Coordinated Agricultural Projects. Ecology and Society. 20(4): 5. 07788 200405 YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Panagopoulos, Y., P.W. Gassman, R.W. Arritt, D.E. Herzmann, T.D. Campbell, A. Valcu, M.K. Jha, C.L. Kling, R. Srinivasan, M. White and J.G. Arnold. 2015. Impacts of climate change on hydrology, water quality and crop productivity in the Ohio Tennessee River Basin. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 8(3): 36 53. YES

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United States Department of Agriculture Final Report Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Panagopoulos, Y., P.W. Gassman, T. Campbell, M.K. Jha, C.L. Kling, R. Srinivasan, M. White and J.G. Arnold. 2015. Towards the development of an integrated modeling system for the Corn Belt: A refined regional modeling approach. Journal of Hydrology. 524: 348 366. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Pantoja, J.L., K.P. Woli, J.E. Sawyer and D.W. Barker. 2015. Corn nitrogen fertilization requirement and corn soybean productivity with a rye cover crop. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 79(5): 1482 1495. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Prokopy L., J.G. Arbuckle, A.P. Barnes, V.R. Haden, A. Hogan, M.T. Niles and J.C. Tyndall. 2015. Farmers and climate change: a cross national comparison of beliefs and risk perceptions in high income countries. Environmental Management. 56: 492 504. 015 0504 2 YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Prokopy, L.S., C.E. Hart, R. Masse, M. Widhalm, J. Klink, J. Andresen, J. Angel, T. Blewett, O.C. Doering, R. Elmore, B.M. Gramig, P. Guinan, B.L. Hall, A. Jain, C.L. Knutson, M.C. Lemos, L.W. Morton, D. Niyogi, R. Power, M.D. Shulski, C.X. Song, E.S. Takle and D. Todey. 2015. Using a team survey to improve team communication for enhanced delivery of agro climate decision support tools. Agricultural Systems. 138: 31 37. YES Journal ArticlesPublished2015 Prokopy, L.S., J.S. Carlton, J.G. Arbuckle, T. Haigh, M.C. Lemos, A.S. Mase, N. Babin, M. Dunn, J. Andresen, J. Angel, C. Hart and R. Power. 2015. Extension's role in disseminating information about climate change to agricultural stakeholders in the United States. Climatic Change. 130: 261 272. 015 1339 9 YES Journal ArticlesPublished2014 Rabotyagov, S., T. Campbell, M. White, J. Arnold, J. Atwood, L. Norfleet, C. Kling, P. Gassman, A. Valcu, J. Richardson, G. Turner and N. Rabalais. 2014. Cost effective targeting of conservation investments to reduce the northern Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 111(52): 18530 18535. YES

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